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How to best reach students and help them learn? That's something I'm always working on.

I strive for active learning environments in my classroom.  Discussions spring out of reading, and in my journalism classes I aim to use the latest news articles or analysis.

This summer (2019) I began experimenting with OneNote to organize the latest stories around course topics. I found it to be easier to copy headlines and links into tabs open to OneNote on my browser that to use the college’s learning management system.

The links called out for short introductions, so that students could grasp the context of the piece, and from there it was a short step to providing tiny lectures on the topic.  The pages aren’t meant to replace actual texts that I use, but rather to supplement our classroom activities.

Students today – GenZ – are truly  the first generation raised with a smartphone in their hand.  Even with a 27-inch monitor on the table in front of them, a number of my students will look at their phones instead.  Attention spans are shorter.   I am hoping that these notebook pages will be something that everyone in class remembers to read since they can integrate it into their life more seamlessly.

Follow this link to my Journalism 2 booklet: just be aware that not all pages are complete yet.

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